To collegues or patent departments of enterprises abroad we offer colaboration providing intellectual property services before the German and European IP institutions i.e. before the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA), the Federal Patent Court (Bundespatentgericht) as well before the European offices (EPA and EUIPO) if desired.

We will care for your intellectual property matters concerning patent, trademarks and designs. If you or your clients wish, we will manage your IP portfolio in other European countries, as well, through our network of affiliate IP partners.

We are not limited to any special technical field or branch. Generally our favorite technologies in patenting affairs are those concerning physical aspects which favour is born from education and experience. But it should that this includes process engineering, automotive, automation, medical technologies and chemical, biological and pharmaceutical technologies as well as all mechanical, electronical and optical aspects. We have profund knowledge in material engineering (plastic, metal, crystallography, ceramics and glass, and composite materials) and recycling.