March 2020

Notes for our clients and business partners in the CoVid 19 crisis

Ladies and Gentlemen

The new COVID-19 virus is spreading worldwide and more and more restrictions are needed in the daily lives of all of us to inhibit the spread of the virus.

In our law firm as well as in our dealings with our clients and business partners we therefore implement the orders of the responsible authorities and take up the recommendations of medical institutions in order to support the efforts in this regard from our side.

We have ensured that our law firm will continue to operate at full capacity and that we will be available to you in the accustomed quality and accessibility. In our office we reduce social contacts to a necessary minimum. We have adapted our working procedures and in the phase of public restrictions we limit our business contacts to electronic means. For this purpose, our very good IT infrastructure and encryption technology is available to you in the usual manner.

Due to our good precautions in this area, there will be no restrictions in our daily work and in the individual support of our clients. You can reach us as usual by telephone or e-mail. If necessary, we also offer our clients audio-visual transmission possibilities for legal advice and meetings with inventors.

If necessary within our scope of representation and responsibility, we will take all legal measures on our own initiative to avert disadvantages from you which might result from this special situation.

We hope that the joint efforts worldwide will lead to the mastering of this crisis. Above all, we wish you personally, your employees and all of your families the very best of health and that you will emerge from this crisis unscathed, if possible in every respect.

Best regards

Alexander M. Bach